Business Meeting

As a modern software development company, Hongkong Fushengxiang International Trading Co. Ltd. is proud to have a team made up of experts and young talented professionals, concentrating on multilevel security and hi-tech solutions. A dedication to successfully integrating and implementing technologies for Big Data Processing, Internet of Things features and elaborating Artificial Intelligence add-ons is a key pillar for the company.


Hongkong Fushengxiang International Trading Co. Ltd. provides a wide range of solutions in the area of IT security and data protection. A creative group has succeeded in creating a multilevel security system, acting as a cyber shield on all devices: smartphones, PCs, servers, Clouds, telecommunication systems, etc.


A mastery of licensing operations allows enormous flexibility in terms of customization for both solutions and features. This mastery makes every product unique and personalized for the client it was designed for. A full service approach is taken, taking in account legal issues, keeping your software protected from plagiarism and illegal reproduction.


Constantly striving to establishing long-term and effective cooperation with it's clients, Hongkong Fushengxiang International Trading Co. Ltd. is committed to respecting deadlines with a constant consideration for an individual client's needs.